In late sixties, three young men started their journey for entrepreneurship in manufacturing products related to surface coating Industry. The beginning was with paint and lacquer. In early seventies they decided to alter their path to the most critical product in this field i.e. nitrocellulose. Thereafter cellulose became their main line of business. This was the beginning of Asha Nitrochem Industries Ltd., the first private sector company to start production of Industrial Nitrocellulose in India. In late eighties, the product range extended to Celluloid Sheets, Ethyl Cellulose and in late nineties to Pigment Dispersions. These were all maiden ventures in India. When Nitrocellulose unit was sold to ICI Group in 1998, the group retained the exclusive right for export of Nitrocellulose and also retained balance manufacturing facilities other than Nitrocellulose.

The group today

Besides two main promoter with intensive knowledge of the business, the group is also having professionals partnering the manufacturing business with a very young and dedicated team to reach the Internationally acclaimed pool of manufacturers.

The Plants

Expansion Plan 04 - 05

Ethyl Cellulose           200 MT/pa

400 MT/pa

Pigment Dispersion  a) Chips      400 MT/pa     900 MT/pa
   b) Liquid     100 MT/pa

1200 MT/pa





The Location :  200 km away from Mumbai, Near National Highway No. 8



While Ethyl Cellulose Plant is certified with ISO 9001-2000 Certification, it also aims to have Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

The Pigment Dispersion Plant is already certified by ISO 9000 and now aims at ISO 14000 and 18000 Certification


An Close encounter with application

The product covered almost all application area in day to day life.



Many of the products and their characteristics are developed by the group in house though the main technology is alike the International manufacturing process which has been developed to suit the particular input and output relationship.


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